Willow Branches that You can Use and Reuse

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, twig lights are gaining popularity as home décor not only for their look but as an alternative resource as well. An ideal decoration for all year round, they can be used and reused for homes and offices. Moreover, since they are battery-operated, you need not fear that they will catch fire since they can also be brought with timers to shut them down when no one is around or when you are sleeping.


White twisted branches twig lights can easily brighten up cold winter evenings. You can also use them as background light in your hall or bedroom, or in your office’s lounge and reception area for security purposes. You can also place them in vases or add some flowers or grasses for dramatic effect.

Twig lights can bring the outdoor in to a roomy beautiful home and make it feel closer to nature. A popular décor in hotel lobbies, you can now incorporate them into your home and use your creativity in designing their look; or draw inspiration from the season by opting for white lights during the winter and then add some bright colorful flowers for spring.

Make those willow branches come alive and jazz them up with grass and flowers as standalone décor or incorporate them with real flowers.

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