Why Singapore is Focusing on Renewable Energy

Every government around the world is participating in various environmental campaigns to address the several environmental issues that our world is facing. Different environmental policies, laws, and green advocacies are created by various environmental organizations from several countries around the globe. One of the countries that are stepping up their efforts to grow their dependency in renewable energy is Singapore.

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Being a small city-state, Singapore is not lucky enough to have its own indigenous energy resources and therefore depending on the fuel fossils to meet their energy needs. The absence of strong winds and marine currents are hindrance to fully develop any type of renewable energy resources, apart from biomass and solar photovoltaic. However, Singapore is investing in the research and development to explore the options available and utilize the current technological capabilities to develop renewable energy in their country. Here are few of the many reasons why Singapore is focusing on the growth of renewable energy.

It Will Boost Singapore’s Economy

Recently, the government of Singapore included one measure that will definitely help in addressing the climate change—carbon tax. Carbon tax refers to the tax on fossil fuels, which is intended to reduce the production of the carbon dioxide. The implementation of carbon tax in the country will surely lead to the economy boost of Singapore.

It Will Protect and Preserve Mother Nature

Opting for renewable energy is one of the surefire ways to protect and preserve our environment. The burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity releases carbon dioxide, which adds to the greenhouse effect and increases the global warming. Utilizing the available renewable energy, which is solar photovoltaic, will help in the reduction of carbon dioxide emitted into the air, thus, creating a clean and improved quality of air.

It Will Create a Sustainable World

A sustainable world has an improved quality of air and water, less solid waste in the landfill, decrease in carbon footprint, preservation of the natural resources, and reduction in fossil fuel dependency, among others. This will all be achieved when we switch to renewable energy. Opting for renewable energy, such as solar energy would be helpful in reaching a fully sustainable environment.

The renewable energy in Singapore has a long way to go. Currently, the country’s goal is to increase its deployment of solar energy from the current 47MWp. With this, even Housing and Development or HDB in Singapore is installing solar panels at

their roof to achieve this goal. Apart from this, the Economic Development Board’s or EDB and PUB are also doing a photovoltaic (PV) project that will start the solar panel installations on different water resources at the reservoirs.

Apart from these test-budding projects, Singapore is constantly exploring new ways to increase the supply of energy in their country. A nuclear energy pre-feasibility study is also conducted by the country to widen the options for renewable energy. With all the possible utilization of renewable energy in the country, it is projected that the use of renewable energy can possibly contribute to the Singapore’s electricity needs up to 8% in the year 2030.


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