Why Extract Natural Gas

Due to the ill-effects of global warming and other environmental hazards, a lot of people are veering away from petroleum-based fuels. They have also discovered the benefits of alternative fuels to the environment, including the natural gas.

Natural gas
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The natural gas is an eco-friendly fuel that comes from methane, a non-reactive hydrocarbon that does not react with sunlight and create smog. It is extracted or mined from underground rock formations and since it is in a gaseous state, it has to be transported through underground pipelines from the wellhead to consumers that are thousands of miles away.

Since natural gas is lighter than air, leakage would not pose a problem since it will just quickly dissipate in the air. It can also reduce the risks of explosions, unlike liquid fuels that pollute groundwater or pool on the ground.

Mining or extracting natural gas is not an easy task as it involves either horizontal or vertical drilling, although some mining companies can also use both of these methods. They used horizontal drilling to extract it from the deep rock formations known as shale and then use vertical drilling to drill it from the surface down to their desired level.

Mining engineering has employed a number of engineering techniques including hydraulic fracturing, which is a tried and proven method to pump fluids into the wellbore with enough pressure by creating small fissures to enhance the method of the natural gas recovery to harness the benefits of this alternative source of energy.

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