Why Car Owners Love the New Toyota Prius C

If you want a car for mileage and economy, the new Toyota Prius C is the right one for you. This car may not be built for performance, but it is adequate at best with its two electric generators and output that can go up to 99 hp.

Toyota Prius C
Photo: blogcdn.com

Looking at its interior, you will discover a sea of hard plastic. It has a good stereo/navigation system and cool in-dash display screen, which tells you how economically you are driving. Electronic enthusiasts will be pleased with all the available equipment inside, especially with the intuitive navigation system with an easy to use and great display, which has a well-laid out screen where everything is presented clearly and concisely.

It has plentiful legroom at the driver’s seat, even if you are 6’4” since you are basically sitting on a Toyota Yaris chassis. The interior design is modern and well done, and though the rear-bench may look frightfully thin as the batteries are situated in the compartment below the seat, raising the seat bottom will sit passengers of average height comfortably.

The new Toyota Prius C is not meant for car enthusiasts who are after performance due to its lack of power and mundane handling, but since it is basic hybrid transportation at a reasonable price, this decent little car will be loved by many because of its small stature, great mileage, and the fact that it came from the Prius family.

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