When You Should Call an Electrician

It is important that you know when you should be calling in an electrician.  Electricity can be extremely dangerous and there are certain jobs that you should not handle yourself.  In fact there are jobs that only a fully qualified electrician is allowed to do.  You may need an electrician who specialises in fridge repair to come in and look at your Westinghouse fridge or you could be building a new home and need the electrical wiring done for your whole house.

Building a new home

If you are building a new home you will need all sorts of different professional trades people to handle all the various building stages of your home.  Just as you would hire a plasterer to do the plastering and a plumber to install your toilet and water pipes, you must also hire a fully qualified electrician to install all the electrical wiring in your home.  You should do your research before you hire an electrician, make sure that you are happy with his quality of work and that they are in fact fully licensed.  The electrician will put in all the wiring that runs to power points and lights, to any overhead fans and your air conditioner.  They will also connect the power to your heating system and appliances like your oven and dishwasher.


You might call out an electrician at various times to undertake maintenance on your home.  You may have a power point or light switch that is not working or you may have blown a fuse at the mains.  You should never try to fix any of these types of problems yourself, even if you are particularly handy.  Unless you are a trained electrician you can not be certain of what you are dealing with and you risk injury or even death by electrocution.

Repairing appliances

If any of your appliances, such as your Westinghouse fridge, the dishwasher, washing machine or dryer breaks down you will automatically call the repairman or a company that handles these specific problems.  It is likely that the person who comes to fix your appliance is in fact a trained electrician who specialises in certain appliances.

Sparks from power sockets or switches

You should definitely call an electrician if you notice any sparks coming from power sockets or light switches.  You should also call in a tradesperson if you notice any heat coming from the switch or socket, or if you get a mild electric shock when you flick the switch.  If you leave these types of problems you can risk yourself or one of your family members being electrocuted or having the house catch on fire.  Many house fires start because of faulty switches or power sockets.

Any additions to your home

You will need to call out a professional electrician if you want to put in any extra power sockets in your home.  This may be the case with older houses simply because during the era they were built people did not rely on so many electrical appliances so houses did not need as many power points.  It is dangerous to have cords running across rooms as they can become damaged and you can trip over them.  It is also not wise to have too many power cords attached to the one socket via a power board.

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