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Alternative energy saves the natural resources which are environmentally superior to the conservative oil and coal. The key advantage of using the alternative energy is that they are renewable resources of energy whereas coal and fossil fuels are depleting. Sometimes alternative energy is even known as renewable resources which do not require fossil fuel to be created. It is known to be renewable as the sources of this energy are regularly being produced and it even does not lead to pollution which is caused by gas and oil. Below mentioned is some alternative energy:

LPG car
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LPG is generally made from the by-products of the oil refining. LPG and CNG powered car or vehicles usually produce less quantity of unburned hydrocarbons as well as tailpipe emissions than the comparable vehicle which is powered by gasoline. Unstable and frequently changing price and their unfamiliar refueling stations and the process inhibit various consumers to consider propane as the alternative fuel.


The hybrid vehicle is the one which uses more systems of propulsion. Current hybrids even integrate the internal combustion engine along with the electric motor and its battery. According to the design and the kinds and its usage the hybrid designs may even range from operating the internal combustion engine having the assistance from electric motor, to the operating largely on electric motor, using internal combustion engine when the significant power is required.


Ethanol and Biofuel are the gasoline substitutes which are derived from Plant for powering the vehicles. At the same time various people can be in the favor of enhancing the utilization of biofuel, there are some who truly understand that how the field of corn and the vat of algae will be able to end up the fueling cars and the jet engines. The Biodiesel is kind of the diesel fuel which is manufactured from the vegetable oils, recycled restaurant greases and animal fats. It is biodegradable and safe which produces less quantity of air pollutants than the diesel based on petroleum.

Electric car - Milano

Battery – Electric cars

The battery electric vehicle which is even known as BEV is the kind of electric vehicle which uses the chemical energy that is stored in the rechargeable packs of battery. It uses the electric motors and the motor controllers in place of the internal combustion engines for propulsion.


Hydrogen gets burned and it is used as the clean fuel for cars and other vehicles. Engines using the hydrogen will stays for longer and it can start quickly in any weather condition. The key advantage of using Hydrogen as alternative fuel is the clean engine exhaust.