Utility Pole Supplier

Utility poles have been an important part of our country’s energy infrastructure for decades. Even though they seem to be nothing more than simple wooden poles sticking out of the ground, these poles provide a space for a vast network of power lines that deliver energy, telephone signals, and other important utilities to homes across the United States. They have to come from somewhere though, which is why there is also a gigantic industry dedicated to providing these wooden poles to buyers everywhere.

Timber Pole - Utility Pole Supplier

Like any other business, you need to shop around and make sure that you are doing business with the utility pole supplier that best suits your needs. This can seem more difficult and confusing than some people might think, but all you really need to do is find a supplier that has these qualities.


Utility poles are obviously made from timber, which already makes them a sustainable product, but you still need to make sure that your supplier of choice is using sustainable practices. Find a utility pole supply company that works closely with land owners and is careful about not taking more timber than what can be replaced. Laws and regulations have made deforestation a bit rarer than it once was in the timber industry, but it can still be a problem in parts of the world and with some companies.

Environmentally-Friendly Treatments

Since utility poles have to be standing for decades, they need to be able to last that long without being damaged by the elements or by pests. This is achieved by pressure treating the wood with certain chemical products. This has been met with controversy in the past as some chemicals have been known to leach out of the wood and pollute the surrounding environment, so ask your supplier what kinds of treatments they have for their poles. There aren’t many treatments that are 100 percent safe, but some are definitely better for the environment than others. Many suppliers will use their more environmentally-friendly treatments as a selling point, so they will be more forthcoming about their methods if you only ask.

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