Using Trees to Improve Farmland

Planting trees on your farmland can have a huge positive effect on the health and productivity of your farm. The following are some of the reasons why.

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Fertiliser trees
some trees act to enrich the soil, as they capture nitrogen from the environment and deposit it into the soil, effectively making it healthier. These trees work especially well in places that have seen deforestation and soil degradation, with thousands recently planted in Malawi, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and Niger. If you are trying to revive your soil, be sure to get the opinion of your local arborist, as the right tree care can end up being great for your soil.
Retain water
Having trees on your property will help deal with issues of excess water, as the trees will soak up anything not used by the rest of your crops. This can be a lifesaver in times of heavy rain and can be a huge factor in helping to reduce the impact of flooding to an area. So, especially if you live in low lying areas, plant some trees.

Fixing carbon
On average, a tropical tree captures over 22kg of carbon from the atmosphere each year. Anything you grow and anyone who lives in the surrounding area will most definitely benefit from having less carbon in the atmosphere. On a larger scale, we need to plant as many trees as possible to help offset the impact of current rates of deforestation on the planet.

Wind barrier
Everything on your farmland could probably do with a little bit less of being blown about, so planting a row of trees to help block the prevailing wind may make a big difference to the productivity on your land. It may take a few years for the trees to be big enough to help, but planting a wind barrier is a smart exercise in thinking ahead.

Provide shade
If your farmland has a few prize animals on it, planting some trees will give them somewhere to take shelter in the shade on those sweltering hot days, as without anywhere to get out of the sun, you may lose an animal or two to the heat each summer.

Once in a while, making improvements to your farmland will involve building something, so having a tree or two’s worth of timber to spare will mean you can get right to it. It may take a little longer than just buying timber at the store, but sectioning up a tree into usable pieces is a very gratifying undertaking. If taking down a tree is a bit out of your depth, call in your local tree care service.

Trees are one of nature’s true superheroes, as not only do they provide us with shelter, food, fuel and sometimes even medicine, they also do a fantastic job of cleaning up after us and helping to restore the earth and air to full health. If there is ever an opportunity for you to plant a tree, do it, as the impact will always be positive, and if you have farmland, you will be reaping the rewards in more ways than one

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