US Carmakers are waking up to the green revolution

It’s taken a long time, but it seems at long last that US carmakers are finally waking up to the green revolution.

green car - US Carmakers are waking up to the green revolution

The major manufactures like Ford and General Motors are reporting that buyers are increasingly worried about fuel economy. The rest of the world, meanwhile, looks upon the US with a wry smile when it comes to such concerns and fuel has been traditionally cheap in the country and the cars haven’t exactly been designed with maximum miles per gallon in mind.

Environmentally speaking, though, the fact that US consumers finally have these concerns with petrol north of $4 per US gallon is great news. It means that consumers have to make greener choices whether this is driven by necessity or environmental concerns.

The US does seem a little behind the curve here – to say the least. The kinds of eco cars UK buyers have been going for in increasing numbers over the past couple of years just don’t seem to have the same toe-hold in American society. And even those that do have lesser mpg figures across the pond.

Until now in the States, high mileage figures seem to have been the preserve of Japanese car making giants like Toyota, Nissan and Honda. So when prices rose, these carmakers tended to do well.

But it’s becoming even more mainstream now – so finally the giants like GM and Ford are waking up. The two companies still make plenty of pickups and SUVs; Ford’s big F-series is the USA’s number one selling vehicle, in fact, a position it has held for several decades.

But now fuel-efficient V6 versions account for over half the vehicle’s sales, whilst the company’s midsized Fusion sedan enjoyed its best sales month ever in March.

GM has also seen better sales amongst its fuel-efficient options like the new Sonic subcompact. This could be the tip of the iceberg. At last Detroit seems to be getting the green message the rest of the world has been listening to for the last decade or more.


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