Unique Car Parking Solutions

An automated car parking system has solutions and benefits for everyone as it optimizes the parking capacity.

Unitronics Shuttle automated parking - Unique Car Parking Solutions

Autonomous parking meets parking requirements using just 30 to 50 percent of the current volume. Space is saved by the elimination of the need for driveways, ramps, and access by personnel to the parking areas.You don’t even need the space that would be required for a turning radius and opening doors, and vertical height is reduced because all the height needed is determined by the vehicles themselves.

Shuttle Parking uses a multi-depth, multi-level, palletless shuttle that automatically transports a vehicle from the entry point to an ideal parking spot.

Conveyor Parking uses a single/multi-level, multi-path, pallet-based conveyor that transports a vehicle on a pallet from the entry point through an organized array and to the ideal parking spot. This is the most effective solution for converting existing parking structures into autonomous parking.

Conveyor automated parking - Unique Car Parking Solutions

Crane Parking uses a multi-depth, multi-level crane that transports a vehicle from the entry point to the ideal parking spot in an efficient linear path. It is ideal for projects that require smaller parking capacities


A Developer/Owner has increased valuable revenue-generating space, improved value in the optimized real estate, accelerated depreciation, reduced development and construction costs, decreased operational costs, decreased energy costs, elimination of payroll to valets to park the cars, reduced maintenance and repairs, and an increase in the useful life of the system.

Car entering parking bay - Unique Car Parking Solutions

The Driver is safer because the vehicle is delivered to a central waiting area, keeps the keys and vehicle contents securely, there isn’t any parking-related vehicle damage such as scrapes and dents, and these types of parking eliminate car break-ins, thefts, and assaults to the driver.

Unitronics has developed and offers the leading automatic parking solutions and garages in order to satisfy each individual client’s parking needs wherever located throughout the world. Unitronics utilizes the three parking solutions mentioned above. Those give them the ability to design and construct automated facilities for parking and create the necessary and most useful parking needs for corporations and other businesses.

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