Understanding What It Takes to Start a Cleaning Business

Every single year, thousands of people start a cleaning business. There are a lot of questions that a person must answer before they decide to start a cleaning business. First, they have to ask themselves if they want to go out on their own and start their business independently, or if they want to open a franchise.

Cleaning Business

Opening a franchise cleaning business is going to be a lot easier than going out on your own. However, it is also going to be a lot more expensive. One of the pros that come from starting a franchise is that the business starts with a name that is already recognized and respected. When a person purchases a franchise cleaning business, they already have marketing material and marketing schemes in place. They can get their business off to a quick start. On the other side of the coin, when a person starts on their own, they have no name recognition. It’s a lot less expensive because a person just needs to purchase the equipment, supplies, and licenses they need to get going.

Getting the Right License to Start a Cleaning Business

Anyone who wants to open a cleaning business will need to purchase a DBA. This is also known as a doing business as vendor license. To get this license a person will talk to the local county clerk or another administrative office official who handles these forms. Once the forms have been sent out and once the application fee has been paid, the business is registered and a person can start their cleaning business under their unique name. They will have the ability to start charging their customers.

Getting the Right Cleaning Supplies

Once the legal aspect of the business has been set up, a person now has to decide what type of cleaning supplies they are going to purchase. The cleaning supplies a person will purchase depend on the type of buildings they are going to clean. Many homeowners want the people who clean their home to use organic natural cleaning supplies, whereas an individual who is cleaning a large business may need to use industrial cleaning supplies.

Some of the most common cleaning agents that a new cleaning business needs are products to clean the floors, mirrors, and windows. In addition to cleaning agents, they will also need to purchase supplies like rags, garbage liners, feather dusters, toilet brushes and so on. It may take a little while to determine the exact quantity of supplies a business will need. However, as the business owner gains experience, they will have a better picture of how much of a product they need to keep at hand.

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