Trendy and Dynamic BMW SUVs on the road

The car is now considered to be a colloquial term that is hardly used by those who are interested in automobiles. They are up to date about the happenings in the industry and prefer to address the different types of passenger cars based on the classification methods that are developed by the regulatory bodies. The classifications are based on various factors which include the number of doors, its features, the type of roof (whether it is a convertible, hatchback, or fastback), engine capacity, construction type, number of seats, type of fuel etc.

BMW X7 - Trendy and Dynamic BMW SUVs on the road

SUV definition

SUV is the abbreviated form for the term “Sports Utility vehicle”. It is a long vehicle that features a powerful engine and light-truck chassis.  They are built based on the bodies on frame design. This typically is the feature that is meant to differentiate them from the crossovers.   The Sports Utility Vehicles are usually fitted with high-performance engines that are equal to racing cars.  But they have been adapted for use on the road and hence have made their way into the preferred passenger car market. The BMW / Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is an automobile company which is a successful car manufacturer that is known for its quality cars including the SUVs with high power engines meant to be used as passenger cars.

BMW X4 - Trendy and Dynamic BMW SUVs on the road

Engine and its importance

The type of engine, a vehicle features is generally denoted and better understood by considering three important factors:

  •  The horsepower rating- This refers to the power that the engine can generate.
  • The displacement usually is denoted in liters
  • The number of cylinders- This denotes how big the engine could be.

To illustrate, a BMW SUV X5 with 3.0 L displacement with the horsepower of 300 and inline 6 cylinders means that the car features an engine that is a high performer/ high power one which is relatively large in size too.

BMW X5 - Trendy and Dynamic BMW SUVs on the road

The SUV of the year contest

The BMW SUV vehicles belong to the x series and they underwent the battery of tests. They made their way to the list of contenders for the award for the best SUV of the year in 2017. The tests that the BMW X series SUV’s are subjected to include

  • The test for performance
  • The proving grounds- this refers to driving on different types of surfaces and through different obstacles in order to check their endurance and evaluation of the steering, transmission, suspension, brake, etc of the SUVs participating in the contest.
  • The loop- this refers to driving SUV on a public road route, tight canyon passes, quiet country roads, and stop and goes driving as in the city, an open highway stretch, passing through two railway crossings followed by ascent and descent.

The best car is decided based on the test results.

BMW X6 - Trendy and Dynamic BMW SUVs on the road

The latest launch

The latest launch in 2018 by BMW is the BMW X6 35i M Sport launched by the company in the Auto Expo 2018. The vehicle can reach a top speed of up to 156km/hr and has the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just 4 secs.  As if this is not enough, it is all set to lunch BMW Vision I Next in 2021 which is meant to leverage the freedom gained as a result of new technologies to create a new outstanding model of vehicles.

BMW i8 - Trendy and Dynamic BMW SUVs on the road

The BMW i8 electric cars

As a contribution towards the effective management of energy, BMW has developed the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car.  this vehicle is special and is an outstanding example of the dynamic nature of the company.  This car combines the features of a sports car in terms of speed and performance and equals the small cars in terms of fuel efficiency.  The i8 is the improved version of the i3 cars introduced in 2013.

Fuel efficient and high performing vehicles are the need of the hour. Every car manufacturer seems to be striving to achieve it. It is evident from the fact that they keep evolving newer improved versions year after year.

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