Travel across Corsica with cheap car rental offers

Corsica is a French Mediterranean island close to Sardinia. Corsica is hot and dry in summer months and mild through the winter months; the mountainous region being the exception. The island is big with 183 by 85 kilometers and diverse enough to cater to everyone’s taste and needs. Corsica provides the most diverse range of activities of any Mediterranean destination. The terrain here is not what you’d expect from an island in the Mediterranean; the height of its highest peak being almost 9,000 feet.

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The Italian heritage is an evident feature of the Corsican culture. The cuisine here is often referred to be a mixture of French and Italian. The food here is centered on the Corsican staples of chestnuts, goat’s milk, olives, and seafood. Charcuterie is an integral part in the Corsican culinary tradition. Corsican pigs have their own distinct flavor as it is filled with a diet of chestnuts. Roasted lamb is also a Corsican favorite. Corsica has over two hundred beaches along its coastline and some of them are among the best in Europe which have a backdrop of sweeping mountain vistas and commendable scenic beauty.

If you are planning to travel in and the nearby locations of Corsica, car hire in Corsica would be an excellent option for you. You may choose for the online reservation option if you have made a plan to travel there in advance. Many car hire companies offer discount packages during advance booking throughout the year but in the peak season you may not be able to avail advance booking facility. You can also choose to hire a car and drive it by yourself all along the way. However, nowadays, these companies providing car rental services in Corsica often provide cars with Chauffeurs without charging a single extra penny. This is excellent and if you have the time you can visit a much more of France or Italy while traveling.

With the help of car hire Corsica service and Corsica Tours, you can visit its various historical sites which have become widely popular among the swarming travelers who come here to spend their vacation every year.

There are various places which you can visit with car hire Corsica

Musee Fesch in Ajaccio is a place that has a huge collection of various art works of Cardinal Fesch.  The collection here consists of temporary and permanent art works. The place has various artifacts from the Neapolitan and Roman Baroque periods.

National Museum of the Bonaparte House is the home of the Bonaparte family. This is the birth place of Napoleon Bonaparte. This place will provide you with an insight of the lifestyle of the Bonaparte family.

Bouches de Bonifacio is a nature park situated on the southern coast of Corsica and is worth visiting.

Regional Museum of Anthropology features a wide variety of artifacts and exhibits the various relics and ancient ruins.

Besides, you can also visit various other places as a part of the Corsica Tour which includes Place de Gaulle, Old Town, Balagne Palace and other places. All you want is a cheap car hire in Corsica and your tour will be an awesome experience.

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