Top- Rated Honda Portable Generators

Honda is famed for its high quality portable generators. Even the high wattage generators from the company are lightweight and compact, allowing you to ferry them around. There are portable generators in Honda’s EU, EM, EG, and EB Series. You should go for top-rated Honda portable generators because these have been tried and tested. They include Honda EU1000i inverter generator, EU2000i generator, EU3000iS generator, EU6500iS generator, EG5000C generator, EB3000CKA generator, EG5000C generator, and EG6500C generator.

Honda EU2000i

Honda is an industry leader when it comes to portable generators for recreation, home, and commercial applications. A portable generator gives you unparalleled convenience such that you will have power wherever and whenever you need it.

One of the most popular portable generators from Honda is the Honda eu1000i inverter generator. The generator weighs just 29 lbs and its dimensions are 17.7″ X 9.4″ X 15.0″. This is the best generator if you want a rated AC output of 900 Watts because it is low cost. This power is enough to power such items as fans, lights, small power tools, and lights. The generator gives you 3.8 hours at the rated road and an impressive 8.3 hours at ¼ load. At ¼ load, the generator only consumes 0.6 gallons of fuel. You should buy the generator because it is super quiet, operating at between 53 and 59 dBA (less than a normal conversation). This means the generator is ideal for such applications as RV and camping.

The generator uses Honda’s precise inverter technology which means clean and stable power. If you ever need DC output for such purposes as charging your 12-volt auto battery, the generator comes in handy because it has a 12v – 8.0A DC output. Other benefits of buying the generator are the Oil Alert® protection, the USDA-qualified spark arrestor/muffler, and the 2 year warranty. If you suspect you will need 2000 watts of power in the future but you only have money for the EU1000i, there is no problem whatsoever because the generator has parallel capability. Other top-rated generators in the EU Series are the Honda EU2000i inverter generator, the Honda EU3000iS inverter generator, and the Honda EU6500iS generator.

Another of the top-rated Honda portable generators is the Honda EG5000C generator. The generator gives you 5000 watts (41.2A/20.8A), 120V/240V of Automatic Regulated Power. At just 177 lbs and with a noise level of 73 dB full frame, this generator is very impressive. The generator comes in an easy-to-carry design. The DAVR voltage regulating system allows for consistent power. With a full tank (6.3 gallons), the generator can give you continuous operation time of 11 hours at half load.

Yet another top-rated portable generator from Honda is the Honda EB3000CKA. This is an industrial generator that gives you maximum AC output of 3000 watts and a rated AC output of 2600 watts. You should go for the generator because with a full tank (2.7 gallons), the generator will give you 6 hours of continuous operation at rated load and 9.39 hours at ½ load. The generator is lightweight and compact, weighing just 68.4 lbs and with overall dimensions of 17.3″ X 15.7″ X 18.9″. You should buy the generator because of the 68 dB noise level, the GFCI circuit protection, the fuel gauge, the iAVR power feature for minimal voltage fluctuations, the Eco-Throttle™ and Auto Throttle® for fuel efficiency, the DC charging, the Oil Alert® features.

Other top-rated Honda portable generators are Honda EG5000C and EG6500C. The choice of a portable generator should be based on your particular requirement.

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