Top Electric Cars that will make you Crazy

Green technology is thought to be a breakthrough in addressing climate change and global warming. Green tech will not only address environmental issues but it will also relish people the thrill of buying gas. Furthermore, electrical vehicle will save ever diminishing nonrenewable energy sources and help people who cannot purchase cars because of ever sky rocketing fuel prices. Electrical cars have evolved and are now not expensive as they used to be some years back. Are you looking forward to buy electrical cars? Here are top cars that you should put into consideration.

BMW 4 series


This is one of the most recent electrical vehicle, it has been made with unique features and even out-doing gas powered BMW.

It has a great battery that can be used up to 120 miles without being recharged.

Tesla Model S

It is the king of electric vehicles when it comes to driving range, it has three batteries options which are very effective and long lasting, for instance, 60kWh battery powers it for 230 miles, 85 Kwh will power it up to 300miles. These batteries are above average batteries and are made in a very unique way that makes them most durable batteries.

Though this car is not considerably cheap, they are worth their value which ranges from $50000-$58750, furthermore, the price may be is ever changing depending on the demand which also keeps on changing.

Nissan Leaf.

Although it was regarded as one of the most expensive electrical vehicle, latest Nissan Leaf version price has dramatically come down.

It can manage up to 120 miles on a single charge, this is attributed to improvement of battery and considerable reduction in overall body weight.

It has a speed of 90mph which beats most of the fueled cars.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG coupe Electric Drive

It is one of the luxurious car to have, made in a sporty fashion, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is made in such a way that it beats it counterpart, (gas fueled Mercedes Benz). With a 400 volts lithium ion battery, it can travel up to 175 miles without recharging. Built with most modern technology such as auto temperature regulation and security applications to help driver, for most people, it can be their car of dream, but with such amazing features, it is also very expensive, going for up to $555000! This is a lot and most people cannot afford, money enough to fund economy of most of developing country for 4 months.

Toyota Prius C

It is sportier, larger and well-furnished cabins of high tech features. It has smooth electric-drive system that enables it to deliver power more effectively. It has plenty of passenger’s space and has effective battery that can travel up to 180 miles without recharging.

While electrical vehicles are relatively expensive, there is a need to use them carefully since repairs are also expensive. if you have electrical vehicle, ensure your hire qualified driver who has successfully completed his/her driving theory test and also practical driving test, furthermore, you should be given documents such as license and recommendation letter to ascertain qualification and reliability. If possible you can have an impromptu driving test.


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