Top 5 Fuel Efficient Cars That are Good on Gas

In the current world, considerations of purchasing a car have gone far beyond the extent of just looking at the beauty. Due to the financial hardships and many needs to be attended to, one needs to make every purchase an informed one. This will be great in saving money and diverting the extra coins to other pressing issues in the family. Therefore, when it comes to buying a car, you should ensure you get one which is lenient on cost on top of being efficient in fuel consumption. One does not need a car which will empty the wallet every now and then through excessive fuel consumption. There are certain cars which one should consider if you are looking into saving money.

Toyota Prius

One car is the Toyota Prius. This is a sedan from the famous and widely known brand of Toyotas. The company has managed to provide this wonderful ride for use by the public while taking into account the issue of fuel economy. The car has for years managed to be one of the best in economising fuel use, for information about it dial Dvla phone number. When cruising through the city, it consumes one gallon in every 32 miles. On the highway, you travel for about 55 miles on one gallon. Therefore, the overall consumption of the cars is about 44 miles per gallon.

Another car which is great pocket wise is the Honda insight EX. This is among the recent versions of the Honda brand which has been made to the satisfaction of the clients. By having this vehicle, one is assured of little consumption of fuel. This 5 door hatchback can run for about 45miles in just a gallon which is much convenient if you are travelling far. When driving within the city, your one gallon will cover 29 miles. Generally, the overall consumption of fuel by this vehicle is one gallon on every 38 miles.

One can also go for the Volkswagen golf TDI if you are looking into conserving fuel. This wonderful diesel car from the renowned brand of Volkswagen can run for 49 miles on the highway with just a gallon. On the city, this car housing a five cylinder engine will run for 27 miles on a gallon. Thus, the overall consumption of the car will lies on 38 miles per gallon.

On this list of wonderful vehicles based on reasonable fuel consumption is the Ford Fiesta. This great automobile which has impressive interior with wonderful equipment and finish runs on one gallon for 45 miles on the highway. In the city, one can drive for 22 miles on just a gallon. This makes the overall consumption of the cars at a gallon for 33 miles.

The Smart ForTwo passion is another car which will offer wonderful control on fuel use. This two seater has minimal consumption on fuel ranging at 30 miles per gallon within the city. When driving on the highway, you can drive for about 44 miles on one gallon. The general consumption therefore comes to one gallon for every 39 miles.

Irrespective of having one of these wonderful cars, you need handle issues of driving license. Dialing the Dvla phone number will be a convenient step to take. There will be someone ready to offer the assistance you need.

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