Time to Green up Your Working Environment

We live in a day and age where the changes in our natural environment have more and more influence on our lives. In fact, the impact is mutual and unfortunately, all the bad influences are a product of our, human behavior and the attitude towards the world around us. Therefore, it was high time we started doing anything that is in our powers to make a change and contribute to the wellbeing and invest in our and our family’s future.

Office area

Apart from individual, home contributions, the place where our impact could be most prominent and the place where we spend most of our time are our jobs. That is why we prepared these tips to help you green up your working environment in the most beneficial way for you and everyone around you.


This is an area where you can contribute immensely. Green house effect, which is enhanced by the exhaust gasses produced in traffic, is something we all heard about and yet somehow fail to acknowledge it in full proportion. To change it, start using alternative ways of getting to and going from work. Avoid driving whenever possible, use public transportation or remove the dust from your old bicycle and put it to use again. After all, why not walk to work and back home; it will have twofold effect, benefiting the environment in long term and your health immediately. If you really must use a car, make sure you share a ride with your work colleagues.


Recycling is another way of saving natural resources. When buying office paper, always buy recycled one. When printing, try to print on both sides whenever appropriate and print only what you really have to have in paper copy, otherwise stick to soft copies of your emails or reports. Recycle cartridges too and always buy recycled ones when buying new.


The IT sector is ever expanding and it is user friendly and very convenient to keep all your data and documents in digital form. Storage capacities exceed our lifetime needs and with a little effort and practice you could completely stop using paper. Digital signatures and stamps are being used for some time now and are as valid as handwritten and stamped ones.

Office plant

Rearrange Your Office

Make your office a green oasis. Decrease the use of artificial light by increasing the quantity of natural light. Uncover your windows and position your work desks accordingly. Minimize the use of bottled water and start using filtered one. Bring in the plants and flowers. Make your office as sustainable as possible. According to Sydney-based commercial interior design professionals, sustainable designs contribute to the integration with the surroundings, making your workplace a more productive and healthier place to be. In the end, aside from ecological contribution, you will leave work less tired than ever before and eager to come back tomorrow.

Obviously, it does not take too much money or energy to make a change and there is no reason why any of these proposals should be delayed. Start immediately, before it is too late.

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