The Positive Effects of LED Lights on Our Environment

Everyone knows that LED lights are an amazing alternative to the traditional light bulbs, but how effective are they really? Although they’re more expensive at first, they do save you a ton of money in the long run because of the ability to work for several years. Therefore, they’re a long-lasting solution that not only brings a dose of elegance into your home, but also does something good for your budget. In addition to this, minimizing the need for new bulbs, they’re helping the environment too, so here are some of the most important advantages LED lights have on our planet.

LED Bulbs - The Positive Effects of LED Lights on Our Environment

Save energy

As mentioned before, the biggest advantage of these lights over other options is their energy efficiency. When compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, LED lights use up to 80% less energy, can last up to 25 times longer and, consequently, save you money year after year. Moreover, you don’t have to buy 100- or 200-watt bulb if you want to illuminate your space properly because these will drain a massive amount of energy – instead, purchase a simple 36-watt LED bulb that’s going to produce the same effect, but for far less money.

Reduce toxicity

Not many people know that fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs are actually quite toxic and can, in some cases, have a lasting effect on your health. Some of them contain mercury which can damage your lungs, kidneys, heart and even the central nervous system. Inhaling mercury sounds like something that you’d never do on purpose, but it’s quite easy if you come into contact with a broken light bulb, for instance. That’s why LED lights are a much healthier and less dangerous alternative.

LED Light - The Positive Effects of LED Lights on Our Environment

No UV emissions

Another wonderful benefit of LED lights is the reduced effect of UV emission – so much so that many experts claim that these bulbs produce absolutely no UV emission whatsoever! This is great on at least two levels: not only are these bulbs gentler towards our health, which is most probably already deteriorated, but they also protect the atmosphere and minimize the negative effects of UV emission. Finally, this makes them perfect for certain spaces containing sensitive objects that require subtle lighting and minimal radiation – art galleries, museums, theaters and similar buildings are full of LED bulbs precisely because of that.

Proper installation and application

Speaking of suitable spaces that can make the most out of LED lights, it’s important to remember that these bulbs aren’t for everyone. Yes, you can install them all over your house and they’ll save you a ton of money, but they can have a much higher impact on our atmosphere when used elsewhere. Namely, putting them into commercial and industrial use – from outdoor lights to decorative holiday lights, and everything in between – helps our planet even more. However, it’s important to install them properly because it’s sometimes not as easy as it seems, so you should leave it to experts. That’s why more and more people are looking for a reliable Sydney electrician who’ll not only position and install their LED lights adequately, but will also advise them on how to use these efficiently in order to save money and help Mother Earth in the best way possible.

LED Lamp - The Positive Effects of LED Lights on Our Environment

Other advantages

Of course, these aren’t the only advantages of LED lights, but only the most important ones that you can notice on a daily basis. Other advantages and lesser-known features include reducing headaches with light-sensitive people, getting more light instantly, not attracting bugs and flying insects, being able to work in extreme weather conditions and temperatures, producing a more natural effect and, finally, focusing light in one direction, so you’ll illuminate more space with fewer lights.

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