The Innovation that is Bosch Logixx

Wouldn’t it be perfect if our home appliances work at high efficiency and at the same time, eco-friendly? Oftentimes, modern technology is given more focus to make one’s living comfortable but at the expense of Mother Nature. But because of the ill-effects brought about by global warming, there is a lot more focus now on saving environment.

eco-friendly appliance range
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There are lots of benefits in using eco-friendly appliance range. These appliances are designed to use less energy which can lower down your electricity bills. They also save water and the manufacturers also save on raw materials that are used to produce these products if they are recyclable. One way to know if you are buying eco-friendly appliance is to look for the “Energy Saving Recommended” mark. The mark which means that the product that you will be buying have an A rating which will save you the greatest amount of energy. You can easily determine whether the product is eco-friendly or not on the information given on the appliance itself. An energy star logo is an assurance of lesser pollution and economical cost in the future.

Bosch Logixx is the number one manufacturer of most eco-friendly appliances. They revolutionized a new technology that does not only help our environment, but also save you time, money and energy without compromising their performance. Some of their products include a dishwasher that has an Activeware feature which maximized every drop of water. It also has maximized water efficiency in the rinse cycle, faster heating, targeted water circulation and improved pump performance.

Their slimline 45cm dishwasher comes with an incredible 10-place setting which is made possible by the Vario drawer, Vario Flex baskets and 3-stage Rackmatic system. Their washing machine is fitted with the revolutionary Ecosilence drive which uses a brushless motor that is quieter, faster and more energy efficient than others. It even has up to 30% less energy than a standard class A washing machine. Now, is there any one that can beat that in the market today?

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