The Importance of Having a Deck Professionally Sealed

Simply cleaning a deck isn’t enough to keep it looking great. You also have to seal it to protect it from the outside elements. While anyone can seal a deck, it’s often best to hire a deck cleaning and sealing company to ensure that the task is completed properly. Below are some important things homeowners should know about sealing a deck.

Back Porch

Deck Sealer

A deck sealer is a waterproof coating that is applied to the deck. Applying this substance can help extend the life of the wood by preventing it from going through drying and wetting cycles. When moisture enters wood, it makes the wood expand. As the wood dries, it starts to contract. This repetitive process wears down the wood and makes it crack.

Clear Sealers

There are basically three main types of deck sealers. The first type is a clear sealer that adds the least amount of color to the wood, giving it an almost transparent coat. Some clear finishes allow the wood to age naturally, while others help the wood keep its brand new appearance. Neither one is better than the other, so the choice is best left up to the homeowners.

Semi-transparent Sealers

As the name implies, semi-transparent sealers add more pigment to the wood. Besides adding color, they tend to offer better UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. This makes them higher quality than clear sealers.

Solid Stain Sealers

This type of sealer offers the most protection for your deck. It not only completely stains the deck but also completely protects it from UV rays. It stands up better to abrasions and foot traffic compared to the other sealers as well. The biggest drawback to stain sealers is that they cover up the natural beauty of the wood.

Applying a sealer to your deck is always a good idea regardless of the one you choose. Having it professionally applied is an even better choice because the workers will clean the deck properly beforehand. Studies conducted by the Forest Products Laboratory show that most types of lumber can be treated right after construction, so waste no time in getting your deck sealed and treated.

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