The Green Bedroom

There’s Zen, peace and harmony in my bedroom somewhere, but it appears to be concealed by a mountain of clothes that need putting away, my son’s confiscated toy crossbow and my husband’s boat-sized work boots collection. My dressing table ought to be chic and vintage, but instead it’s covered with tubs of moisturiser, hair products and make-up. Part of the battle is that I try to be green, so I find it very difficult to just chuck things away. I also love a bargain, so I’m forever getting great deals online or BOGOFs at the supermarket, and all these items need storing somewhere.

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The mantra is, of course: reduce, re-use, recycle. This applies to every room in the house. It’s a real challenge to be green, streamlined and budget-friendly, but here are a few ideas I’ve found worth trying for the bedroom:

  1. Electric blankets are a waste of space during the many months that they are not in use. Much cheaper and more compact is the good old hot water bottle. Additional blankets can warm up single beds and cost nothing to run, or, to give a double-bed true wow factor, invest in – or even make – a patchwork quilt.
  2. Cheap and floppy foam pillows are a false economy. You end up replacing them more frequently, as they break up after a few washes, and this is a waste of resources. Invest in a good feather or duck-down version. They are just as easy to wash and will last you for years and years. For more advice about the bed sale or mattress for your budget, get in touch with a specialist retailer like
  3. Soft, glowing, low-energy LED lights are excellent for romantic bedroom lighting, and, because they need less electricity, will save you money.
  4. And finally – borrow suitcases from a friend to take on holiday. Luggage is expensive and generally sits around for 48 weeks of the year taking up space and gathering dust.

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