Taking Fuel Efficiency to a New Level

With the advancement in technologies, there is now a great potential to improve fuel efficiency. According to experts, you will only need at least 14% to 26% of fuel energy to move your car down the road. The rest is lost to engine and driveline deficiencies and to power your car’s accessories. The automobile industry is shifting to alternative fuel sources such as ethanol, gas, propane, or hydrogen to address not only the energy crisis but also, because most of the fuel’s energy is lost in the engine primarily as heat anyway.


This idea is not lost to the All Terrain Vehicle industry where manufacturers come up with solutions using alternative fuel. One development is the completion of a twin-cylinder diesel ATV, which will be marketed around the globe soon. Aside from diesel fuel, other users of ATVs like the military are using alternative fuels like JP8 for all their vehicles, while farmers and ranchers are using bio diesel. While diesel can save up to 25% on the cost of gasoline, bio diesel made from vegetable oil or animal fat is a better option since it has a cleaner blend, produces fewer carbon dioxide emissions, and has lower levels of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, etc.

The shift to alternative fuel for efficiency can also be good to boost the sales of UTVs, which encompasses a number of vehicle types for golf, resort, and industrial applications. Consumers, such as farmers, ranchers, large-acre estate homeowners, hobby farmers, hunters, and recreational riders prefer using an UTV since it has a bench seat for one or more passengers, and typically has rear dump beds. The use of bio diesel for ATVs could significantly increase the sales of other models as this can help lower their effects on the environment and increase its fuel efficiency. This is also a great selling point for ATV consumers since it could be running on a renewable fuel that was grown by farmers, their best customers.

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