Environmental Considerations When Building Kit Homes

Kit homes are increasingly popular because of their ease to build, and the radically cheaper cost when compared with traditional home building. Because of the way they are prefabricated (and increased competition in the market) we are seeing an increase in kit home vendors who focus on eco-friendly kit homes. It is important to understand what it takes if you are really going to build an eco-friendly kit home. Eco-friendly issues start with the manufacturing process and end with how you complete your construction. Here are the issues you need to investigate, and need to consider before you start construction. Manufacturing process. If your vendor does not have a green certification in your region for their manufacturing process, then, they may not meet the requirements of your locality. Having a manufacturing certification is essential. You might be building, and continuing to live in an eco-friendly home but, if it was not pre-fabricated with green-friendly and green certification, what’s the point? Look for vendors who can prove their steel kit home manufacturing process is truly eco-friendly, and you will find a vendor who will give you a lot of suggestions and help on your own project. Foundations. The foundation of a steel kit home is extremely important. Lay your foundation wrong and the rest of your build will not go well. Concrete is one of the least green friendly items of your potential build, and so if you can remove it, your carbon footprint will be greatly reduced. Using solid foundations naturally available in the ground might be possible and is how some builders greatly reduced the amount of concrete and cement required. Location and direction. Where will you build on your property? Which location will make the most of existing resources? Building to capture the shade of trees will help with managing temperature. Facing your home to capture or avoid the heat of the sun will also be important. You should know your region and get help from professionals who understand what will make...

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4 Reasons to Build a Beach House

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There are many reasons that a person should build a beach house.  If you have bought yourself a piece of ocean front property you might need to build yourself a beach house to go on it.  Kit homes are perfect because there are some great designs that suit the style of a beach house and they are also a cost effective way of building what is usually a second home. Photo: Fredicvs Maximvs When choosing a kit home remember that you will be likely to entertain often, as it is usually something you do when on holidays, so choose a home with the space to sleep guests and have a patio for an outdoor entertainment area. Somewhere to Relax In today’s fast paced world people seems to have forgotten how to relax.  Many people are working longer hours and forgoing holidays.  Some take their work home with them and others work all weekends.  Having a beach house gives you a reason to go away and relax.  If you spend the money on building or buying a beach house then you might be encouraged to spend time using it.  It is important for your health to spend time relaxing, something that seems to get put on the back burner. Spend Time with the Family If you have somewhere to get away you will find that you will spend more time with the family.  Life can be busy, with your work commitments, the children’s school sports, music lessons and other extra-curricular activities and all the other things that keep as busy throughout the day.  Having somewhere to go together as a family will force you to actually spend time together relaxing, enjoy yourself and just simply being together. Increase your Assets By building another home you are increasing your assets, which of course is a hugely positive step.  Property is one of the safer options in terms of finding somewhere to invest your money, more so than buying shares for example.  Over time your property will...

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