Top Electric Cars that will make you Crazy

Jan 10, 14 Top Electric Cars that will make you Crazy

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Green technology is thought to be a breakthrough in addressing climate change and global warming. Green tech will not only address environmental issues but it will also relish people the thrill of buying gas.

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Can petrol or diesel cars be green now?

Jan 04, 12 Can petrol or diesel cars be green now?

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In today’s world of hybrid cars, electrically powered vehicles and alternatively fuelled cars, it’s interesting to ponder whether conventionally fuelled petrol or diesel cars can be considered green. Obviously, it’s something of a moot point. There are endless shades of grey between the greenest extremes of cars that maximise fuel economy and the other end of the spectrum so beloved by footballers and footballer’s wives! But one car that certainly comes close to striking the right balance between “normality” for want of a better word, and environmental responsibility, is the new honda civic 2012 version. The latest incarnation of Honda’s most famous car is absolutely packed full of new technology that lends it a legitimate “green” air. Honda’s versions of the Civic 2012 are different for the North American and European markets. The latest version has been on sale in North America since April 2011, whereas in the UK, it is only on sale from the start of 2012. The European market’s Honda Civic is a hatchback rather than the saloon version more beloved by Americans. At the moment, no hybrid options are available in the UK, but this could change in the future. But perhaps it doesn’t really need to? Honda’s “Eco Assist” technology is present in the diesel options in Europe – whilst in North America the new Civic is the first petrol-only powered Honda car to use this ground-breaking technology. The system helps drivers to adopt more fuel efficient motoring and has been proven to better fuel economy by around 10% on average – and maybe as high as 15% when used to the optimal maximum. Add to this the radically improved aerodynamics and air-flow, and intelligent grille shutter system, as well as lighter components – and the new Civic can legitimately lay claim to being one of the greenest conventionally-fuelled cars around.   You might also like; Home – Renovation Cost, Breaking It Down Changes to legislation to enable pensioners Moving house in a green fashion Saving Money and Energy...

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