A practical eco-friendly car choice

Jan 09, 12 A practical eco-friendly car choice

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If environmental considerations are among the top priorities for your choice of car, then the two of the most practical choice is to drive a hybrid or an electric vehicle. There are other eco cars UK consumers are choosing to buy, such as those fuelled by LPG or natural gas, but they have certain limitations. For example, there are currently very few natural gas fuelled cars in the UK as there are less than 14 commercial filling stations. One way around this is to use a home fill system like Gasfill, which allows the car to be filled slowly. As for LPG, it’s currently available from 1,500 stations in the UK, but it’s still not always easy to find an LPG station. There are actually fewer available than a few years ago, and that’s probably because of the increased popularity of hybrids and electric vehicles and manufacturers such as Honda putting increasing emphasis on greening their vehicles. For electric vehicles the number of charging points that have been installed in public places has increased, and the government has an initiative to increase the charging network across the country.  However, this is not yet complete and there are certain areas where it’s hard to find places to recharge. So, some drivers are still hesitant to go for electric only vehicles because of the concern of range limitations and the time required to recharge. Hybrids have the advantage of running on both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, so you never need to worry about running out of fuel.  You can fill up the tank at any fuel station, and the electric motor’s battery is recharged as you drive along through regenerative braking. As the motor aids the engine through acceleration there is less strain on the engine and it burns less fuel, increasing fuel economy and reducing the production of CO2 emissions. In today’s dire economy, there are plenty of new car offers to entice drivers to choose certain makes and models, but...

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