US Carmakers are waking up to the green revolution

It’s taken a long time, but it seems at long last that US carmakers are finally waking up to the green revolution.

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Can you drive an environmentally friendly estate car?

Feb 09, 12 Can you drive an environmentally friendly estate car?

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If you’re looking for an estate car that is also a hybrid, then your choices are fairly limited. Although hybrids used to be limited to one or two models, there are now a good variety of hybrid cars available as most of the main car manufacturers now produce them. However, few have ventured into the estate market as yet. Of course, it depends what kind of budget you’re working to.  If you’ve got over £41,000 to spend on a car, then the Volvo V70 estate plug-in hybrid will cost you that much. However, you do get an incredible 149mpg in return, with low carbon dioxide emissions of 50g/km. So your running costs come right down as you’ll only pay about £4 to travel 100 miles and there’s no road tax to pay because of the low emissions. Peugeot has just brought out its hybrid estate car – the 508 RXH. It has a 2 litre HDi diesel engine and a 37bhp electric motor. On a combined cycle, the Peugeot hybrid estate gets 67.2 mpg and has emissions of 109g/km.  The starting price is around £36,000, but even if you can afford it, you’ll be lucky to get one of these – as there are only 300 of the launch edition being produced. Not everyone has that much money to spend on a car, though. You could spend half as much on an entry-level Honda Insight – which starts at just under £17,000, and you’ll get 64.2 mpg and with carbon dioxide emissions of 101g/km. You’d have to do a lot of miles in the Volvo to make up the difference in the purchase price! Of course, while it’s a hybrid, the Insight is not an estate car, but it has plenty of room for a family to sit comfortably and store their luggage in the boot. You might also like; How Energy Deregulation Affects You Home – Renovation Cost, Breaking It Down Hydrogen and Electric Fuel Options for Automobiles Latest Electric Cars of 2013-...

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Drive more efficiently without knowing it

Jan 31, 12 Drive more efficiently without knowing it

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The new Honda Civic enables its drivers to drive more efficiently without even knowing it. Honda has put the car through extensive testing before launching it this year and it’s absolutely packed full of technological improvements, slight restyling, ergonomic improvements and, as a bonus, it simply looks wonderful! The new Honda Civic’s high-mounted rear wing has been adjusted to perfection to minimise drag and maximise fuel efficiency. Also, Honda’s innovative ‘Idle Stop’ and ‘Eco Assist’ systems have been fully integrated into the new model. Idle Stop works by automatically turning off the engine when the car comes to a halt, and re-starts automatically when the driver depresses the clutch, thus saving fuel and reducing emissions at the same time. Eco Assist, meanwhile, works like a ‘coaching’ system – changing the colour of the speedo to tell drivers how efficiently they’re driving. So, for example, when a driver brakes or accelerates really sharply – the speedo will glow blue to show that this isn’t really the best idea if you can help it at all! Alternatively, when the driver is driving in a steadily smooth and economic manner, the display glows an appropriately soothing green. But best of all, the Honda civic 2012 enables its drivers to drive efficiently without them even knowing it. The 2.2 i-DTEC version of the car includes an innovative front grille that automatically adjusts – at high speeds it tightens thus reducing air resistance and improving fuel economy. In fact, the 2.2 diesel version delivers a very impressive 67.3 mpg – and it qualifies for reduced road tax due to its green credentials (free the first year, £20 a year thereafter at today’s rates). Meanwhile, the two petrol engine versions (1.4 and 1.8 litre) each have a 6-speed manual transmission – while all three models include a shift indicator telling you the best time to change gear to maximise fuel economy. Now really – has driving to save petrol, money, and the environment ever been easier? You might also like;...

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A practical eco-friendly car choice

Jan 09, 12 A practical eco-friendly car choice

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If environmental considerations are among the top priorities for your choice of car, then the two of the most practical choice is to drive a hybrid or an electric vehicle. There are other eco cars UK consumers are choosing to buy, such as those fuelled by LPG or natural gas, but they have certain limitations. For example, there are currently very few natural gas fuelled cars in the UK as there are less than 14 commercial filling stations. One way around this is to use a home fill system like Gasfill, which allows the car to be filled slowly. As for LPG, it’s currently available from 1,500 stations in the UK, but it’s still not always easy to find an LPG station. There are actually fewer available than a few years ago, and that’s probably because of the increased popularity of hybrids and electric vehicles and manufacturers such as Honda putting increasing emphasis on greening their vehicles. For electric vehicles the number of charging points that have been installed in public places has increased, and the government has an initiative to increase the charging network across the country.  However, this is not yet complete and there are certain areas where it’s hard to find places to recharge. So, some drivers are still hesitant to go for electric only vehicles because of the concern of range limitations and the time required to recharge. Hybrids have the advantage of running on both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, so you never need to worry about running out of fuel.  You can fill up the tank at any fuel station, and the electric motor’s battery is recharged as you drive along through regenerative braking. As the motor aids the engine through acceleration there is less strain on the engine and it burns less fuel, increasing fuel economy and reducing the production of CO2 emissions. In today’s dire economy, there are plenty of new car offers to entice drivers to choose certain makes and models, but...

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Hybrid confusions unravelled

Sep 22, 11 Hybrid confusions unravelled

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Many people have considered switching to a hybrid car, but have been put off by the false notion that hybrids are complicated to drive.

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