Brazilians bikers get into the Mix

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In 2009, the latest surge in biofuel powered vehicles took place in Brazil, with the release of a modified Honda motorbike called the Mix. Photo: JSitthi The Mix is a small motorbike that is often driven by couriers and the petrol only version was already a number one seller.  Honda developed the technology behind the Mix in order to produce a more fuel efficient motorcycle. In Brazil, biofuel cars already are in the majority on the roads.  In fact, since 1970 it has been against the law to drive a car that doesn’t run on a blend of ethanol and gasoline. Since 2003, flex fuel cars have been sold in Brazil, and they have electronics to detect what type of fuel is being used. Brazil is the second largest producer of ethanol in the world – producing 30.1 per cent of the world’s supply. It is now increasing its sugar cane production to keep up with the demands of the nation’s drivers for ethanol. The lead producer is the USA, and over two trillion miles have been travelled using ethanol fuel there since 1980. The Mix motorbike can run on just ethanol, just petrol or a mixture of the two.  It has a sensor in the exhaust which can assess what blend of fuel is being used and then alter the fuel injection unit’s action to suit. Honda has answered the market-led demand for a motorbike that can use the flex fuel system. Although the Honda CG 150 Titan Mix Flex (to give it its full title) is not a big motorbike, it’s ideal for the kind of stop start driving motorbike couriers do in the city.  Depending on where you buy it, biofuel can cost half as much as petrol.   You might also like; Getting Back to the Basics of Conservation New Hybrid Car Competes with Luxury Cars Are Damaged Cars Worth Money? Alternative usage of the used Shipping Containers A Step Towards Green Environment – Electric ... How to reduce Greenhouse...

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