Safety Vs. Fuel Efficiency: Are Automakers Willing To Sacrifice One For The Other?

Jun 09, 13 Safety Vs. Fuel Efficiency: Are Automakers Willing To Sacrifice One For The Other?

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In the movie Back to the Future Part II, there’s a great little exchange between the time traveling Marty Mcfly and his mentor Doc Brown.

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Save on fuel with a hybrid

Drivers are always looking for ways to save on fuel – especially with the recent hikes in petrol prices. Hybrid cars have been on the world’s roads for a couple of decades now, and just by owning and using a hybrid you automatically save on the amount of fuel that you use. When hybrids first became available, some critics suggested that they were not comparable to conventional cars in terms of power or speed.  This may have been true initially, due to the weight and size of the batteries required to power the electric motor.  However, today’s hybrids can offer the same driveability as a conventional petrol or diesel car as their batteries have become smaller and lighter, and the life of the batteries has also improved. They also come with long lasting warranties – for example, Honda offers a five year or 90,000 mile warranty on its Insight hybrid. Honda UK has three hybrid models – CR-Z, Insight and Jazz – which all offer good fuel economy, and, due to their low emissions, are exempt from UK road tax. If you already drive a hybrid, it’s still possible to adjust your driving style to get the maximum in fuel economy. Avoid aggressive acceleration.  This puts undue strain on the engine and requires more fuel than if you drive at a measured pace. Anticipate what’s ahead.  If you can see when you’ll need to brake in good time, you can do it gradually, so that the electric motor does the work rather than slamming your foot on the brake, which results in a waste of energy. Travel light. Every pound of weight you travel with adds resistance that the car has to work against. Clear out the boot and remove roof top boxes and roof racks when you’re not using them. The same rules apply if you’re driving a standard conventional car, but of course, with a hybrid, you’ll be using less petrol in the first place. You might also like; Professional Foundation Repair...

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Hybrid confusions unravelled

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Many people have considered switching to a hybrid car, but have been put off by the false notion that hybrids are complicated to drive.

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