The Green Bedroom

Jan 30, 12 The Green Bedroom

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There’s Zen, peace and harmony in my bedroom somewhere, but it appears to be concealed by a mountain of clothes that need putting away, my son’s confiscated toy crossbow and my husband’s boat-sized work boots collection.

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How to be green when heating your home

Oct 17, 11 How to be green when heating your home

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Winter is just around the corner now, so it’s best to start planning for the colder months now.

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Solar Power Takes Off

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When you drive around town at the moment it seems that there are more and more solar panels springing up on house roofs than ever before.

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Make sure your living room lighting’s green

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One way of ensuring your home is as energy efficient as possible is by fitting the right lighting around it. Photo: Jeremy Levine Design There are numerous lighting options for a living room, but it’s important for you to try and make the space green in order to do your bit for the environment, as well as saving money on your energy bills. With the price of electricity rising ever more frequently, it’s vital for people to do everything they can to try and use less of it, in order to reduce their monthly bills. Using energy-saving lightbulbs is the easiest way to do this. Energy-efficient bulbs use up to 80 per cent less electricity than a normal lightbulb, but they produce the same amount of light, so you can be sure your living room will still be well lit if you use them. As well as this, they last longer, so you won’t have to replace them as often – a big bonus if you usually forget to buy them when you go to do your weekly shop! Photo: purplemattfish More energy-inefficient bulbs are being phased out, but for the meantime, you should try to switch to the energy-saving ones in order to save some money. In terms of the lighting options for your living room, you’ll probably want a main light and plenty of lamps around the rest of the space. If you often sit and read on your sofa bed, it’s important to have a lamp nearby to ensure you don’t damage your eyes. Those of you who watch TV while sat on the fabric sofas are bound to want a main light, so it isn’t too bright too see the screen. There are plenty of great lampshades out there, so you can decide on the brightness you want in the space, as well as picking something that complements the walls and furniture. You might also like; Recommended Tips on Renewing Driving Licence Popular alternative fuels Redecorating your dining room Why...

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