Trendy and Dynamic BMW SUVs on the road

Jan 10, 19 Trendy and Dynamic BMW SUVs on the road

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The car is now considered to be a colloquial term that is hardly used by those who are interested in automobiles.

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Top Electric Cars that will make you Crazy

Jan 10, 14 Top Electric Cars that will make you Crazy

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Green technology is thought to be a breakthrough in addressing climate change and global warming. Green tech will not only address environmental issues but it will also relish people the thrill of buying gas.

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Electric Vehicles Take On Deliveries

Sep 14, 11 Electric Vehicles Take On Deliveries

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Everyone remembers one of the original commercial electric vehicles – the milk float, a vehicle that was slow and cumbersome, due to the size of the massive batteries needed to power it.

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General Misconceptions About Electric Cars

There’s lot of myths involving EVs , which most likely stems to the period when electric cars happened to be first released. Photo: Electric vehicles had been often viewed as impractical automobiles due to their substandard design as well as poor electric vehicle battery performance. Technological innovation has advanced a lot since the original times of electric powered vehicles. A few of the fallacies that still seem linger on are: Electric vehicles generally are not very speedy. Initially electric vehicles were certainly pretty sluggish, but you can find modern EVs which are as fast as the best petrol powered sports cars. Not particularly good car range in between recharges. Again, this was the case with original electric vehicles , but most newer electric powered motors can achieve no less than 100 mls in between recharges. This is chiefly as a result of sizeable breakthroughs when it comes to battery technology. Batteries use within electrical automobiles might not be very environmental friendly. Battery pack technology with regard to loads of products such as mobile phone devices and laptops has improved hugely in recent years. The days are gone of the particularly hazardous lead battery packs. The recent lithium ion batteries are really much more efficient and along with recycling programs, the batteries are usually almost fully reused. Electric cars primarily shift the carbon dioxide problem to the actual source of the electricity creation. It goes without saying you are forced to recharge your batteries from some electricity supplier, yet even in the worse instance where your electric power comes from a coal burning power plant, the net emissions over a year is much less than an comparable gasoline powered motor vehicle. This particular figure is improved upon much more in the EV’s favour should the power supply emanates from natural gas, solar, the wind or hydro (or even a combination of all three. Electric vehicles have always been not cheap. While a great number EVs and hybrids are more expensive as compared with petrol...

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