Drive more efficiently without knowing it

Jan 31, 12 Drive more efficiently without knowing it

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The new Honda Civic enables its drivers to drive more efficiently without even knowing it. Honda has put the car through extensive testing before launching it this year and it’s absolutely packed full of technological improvements, slight restyling, ergonomic improvements and, as a bonus, it simply looks wonderful! The new Honda Civic’s high-mounted rear wing has been adjusted to perfection to minimise drag and maximise fuel efficiency. Also, Honda’s innovative ‘Idle Stop’ and ‘Eco Assist’ systems have been fully integrated into the new model. Idle Stop works by automatically turning off the engine when the car comes to a halt, and re-starts automatically when the driver depresses the clutch, thus saving fuel and reducing emissions at the same time. Eco Assist, meanwhile, works like a ‘coaching’ system – changing the colour of the speedo to tell drivers how efficiently they’re driving. So, for example, when a driver brakes or accelerates really sharply – the speedo will glow blue to show that this isn’t really the best idea if you can help it at all! Alternatively, when the driver is driving in a steadily smooth and economic manner, the display glows an appropriately soothing green. But best of all, the Honda civic 2012 enables its drivers to drive efficiently without them even knowing it. The 2.2 i-DTEC version of the car includes an innovative front grille that automatically adjusts – at high speeds it tightens thus reducing air resistance and improving fuel economy. In fact, the 2.2 diesel version delivers a very impressive 67.3 mpg – and it qualifies for reduced road tax due to its green credentials (free the first year, £20 a year thereafter at today’s rates). Meanwhile, the two petrol engine versions (1.4 and 1.8 litre) each have a 6-speed manual transmission – while all three models include a shift indicator telling you the best time to change gear to maximise fuel economy. Now really – has driving to save petrol, money, and the environment ever been easier? You might also like;...

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