Snug and Cosy with Solar Power

As we all know, solar power is an effective way to turn a limitless, free resource into energy, without emitting CO2. Many people are considering using solar power in their home because of the rising cost of utility bills. If this is something you plan to do, it is wise to investigate further, as the government incentives schemes relating to feed-in tariffs are under review. However, reducing carbon emissions need not end with the installation of solar power. There are many actions we can take to reduce the energy we use, and enhance our environmentally-friendly credentials further. In my experience, the minute we have guests or visitors to the house, our energy consumption goes up. Not just energy used making up guest beds, cooking proper dinners and being an entertaining host, but also the energy used to make the house warm and welcoming. Were it left to me, we’d probably all be sitting around wearing thermals, extra jumpers and wrist-warmers, by the light of a couple of candles, but somehow, when guests arrive, that doesn’t seem quite good enough. At least with solar power, you can worry a little less about heating all that hot water for extra baths and showers. Do I sound like a Scrooge? Maybe I am. Candles aren’t strictly necessary but it would be foolish to invest in solar power without taking other cheaper steps to keep your home snug for visitors. The guest room can be made warm and inviting by providing extra blankets or a quilt on the bed, and don’t forget the good old-fashioned hot water bottle. Draught proofing is dirt cheap for windows and doors. So is a tube of silicone to seal the gap between floorboards and skirting. A comfy bed makes all the difference to your guests’ quality of sleep – have a word with a specialist retailer like for some great guest bed ideas. Who knows, your guest room could turn out to be so snug and cosy, you’ll end up running a B&B! You...

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The Green Bedroom

Jan 30, 12 The Green Bedroom

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There’s Zen, peace and harmony in my bedroom somewhere, but it appears to be concealed by a mountain of clothes that need putting away, my son’s confiscated toy crossbow and my husband’s boat-sized work boots collection.

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