Standby Generators Are Now A Necessity

Standby generators keep all appliances running when grid power fails. Due to global warming, the incidence of storms and hurricanes is on the rise. These cause extensive damage and one needs to be well prepared for the same. If you live in the gulf coast area or on the east coast which gets battered by the natural calamity it is wise to buy a reliable generator for your business and home.

Standby generator - Standby Generators Are Now A Necessity

Last year Harvey and Irma wretched the U.S. coast with winds exceeding 130 miles per hour (mph), and then Hurricane Maria destroyed most of Puerto Rico with winds exceeding 155 mph. The U.S. suffered more than $200 billion in damages from 17 storms that began June 1 and ended Thursday, November 30. This is more than the previous record of approximately $159 billion in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

In the summer of 2017, it was Harvey, Irma, and Maria that were responsible for most of the devastations. When in August, Harvey made landfall it flooded Houston with 4+ feet of rain. After that Hurricane Irma beat-up, the Caribbean in September before it made landfall in the Florida Keys. In September Maria destroyed thousands of homes along with the infrastructure in Puerto Rico. The combined damage from these three storms is estimated at about $202.6 billion.

Those living in areas that are frequented by storms need to be well prepared in summers. They need to buy generators and learn how to maintain the same. The intensity of the storm will dictate whether you need to evacuate or not. If you are faced with a Category 1 or Category 2 storm you can ride it out easily. If you have elderly relatives that live in such areas, it is good to extend some help to them. Buy them a generator and get them a home security system so they can stay safe indoors. Make sure the food and water stock is enough to last at least two weeks.

If the streets get inundated it will be difficult for anyone to get out and drive. The utility power will be out due to downed trees and they will need a constant supply of fuel for their generator. The best option for them is to get a home standby unit that uses kitchen gas as fuel. This way, they will never have to worry about getting more fuel.

Generac, Kohler and Briggs & Stratton offer reliable standby generators for you to choose from. With standby generators, you and your family will stay totally safe in the event of an unexpected utility power failure. With home power protection, you will never stay alone in the dark. The standby generators are powered by natural gas (kitchen gas) or propane gas that comes in cylinders. Choose from a fully automatic and durable model for your home. These units start up in a matter of seconds when they sense the grid power failure. The better models have the corrosion-resistant coatings and durable steel, which protects them from abrasion and thus makes them last longer.

It can be very upsetting when the power goes out at night. Your lamps and refrigerators will stop working and keep all essential home appliances powered up at all times, you need a standby generator with an automatic transfer switch so you do not have to worry about being in the dark again.

In areas that have the extreme climate, it is impossible to sleep at night without heating or cooling. For you, a 22KW generator is an essential necessity so all in the family can stay comfortable at home. When you hear of a storm in the making decide where you want to be. If you want to go over to your relatives or friends then plan accordingly. If the house will be alone, set up a security camera and monitor it on your smartphone. Board up the place, get the sandbags if you need to and stay away from the property till the weather is back to normal. In your absence the generator will keep the fridge, the security alarm, and the cameras running, so you can have peace of mind knowing all is well at home.

The better-branded generators are powered by reliable and powerful engines. Generac was founded in 1959 and it was the very first manufacturer of standby generators. It was also the first to make an engine for the generators. The company is rated as number 1 when it comes to home standby generators. The manufacturer has the widest range of power generators on the market. It is a favorite for portable, residential, commercial and industrial generators.

There are many authorized Generac resellers you can find online to make a purchase. The better companies are those that have a large variety of brands and models and offer to finance. They serve more clients and hence have more experience. When it comes to buying a generator you have to think of the wattage. Each generator is designed to give a specific amount of wattage. To make the best choice it is good to calculate your needs. There are online wattage calculators that can help. When you find a good company online, simply give them a call and ask for their expert advice. They will help you come to the right decision.

After you buy the generator you can have it installed. Read the manuals that come with the unit and ask as many questions as you like. It is good to feel comfortable with using the generator and knowing all about it. This way it will stay with you for a longer period of time.

If you like a generator that is beyond your budget, you can get easy financing. Many distributors offer credit and you can get good standby generators for as little as $89 per month. Shop at the website of Nationwide Generators and enjoy heavy discounts on some models. Pay no taxes outside Illinois and also get a 3% off on checks and wire payment.

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