Solar Power Takes Off

When you drive around town at the moment it seems that there are more and more solar panels springing up on house roofs than ever before. What had previously been a slow to catch on and almost eccentric energy generating idea has now grown in popularity and is a more mainstream option. Perhaps Kevin on ‘Grand Designs’ has had something to do with this as many of the projects he showcases include energy saving solutions and in this way the concept has reached a wider audience.

Solar Panel house
Photo: Earthworm


If you are considering solar energy for your house then solar panels are definitely worth considering. They will be at their most effective if your property is angled to receive the maximum amount of sunlight each day and of course the larger the area of roof you cover with panels, the more energy you will harness. It may just be enough to heat the house so that you are warm in your beds at night at no cost to the family finances, or in some instances you may actually have more energy than you can use and this can be fed back into the national grid and you would be paid for it.

Saving energy and reducing our impact on the planet is of great concern for many people, and awareness is on the rise. Being able to head off to your double beds at night with a clear conscience is definitely helped by a feeling of ‘doing your bit’ within society. There are many options to consider as well as solar panels such as generating energy from wind power using a turbine at one end of the scale and simple recycling at the other. Think about what changes you can make and join the growing numbers of people who are making a difference – you won’t regret it.

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