Seeing Green: The 10 Best Green Cars For 2013

With the importance of green-living being more widely accepted in today’s society, automakers everywhere are releasing new products to help save our planet. Here are the top ten green cars for 2013.

Best Green Cars For 2013

1) Lincoln MKZ

Handsome, modern, and powerful, the new MKZ is a hybrid that does not compromise. This elegant and sporty mid-size sedan boasts a fuel efficiency rating of 45 mpg.

2) Toyota Avalon

The Avalon is considered by many to be the nicest offerings from Toyota. Now a hybrid, the car achieves a solid 40 mpg on the road. Great fuel efficiency and luxury in one package is just short of perfect.

3) Honda Fit

Honda’s Fit is a popular choice for people looking to go electric because it’s such an economical choice in every way. From its super-compact frame to impressive fuel economy of 118 mpg and a range of 82 miles, what’s not to like?

4) Volkswagen Jetta

This hybrid version of the Jetta gets 45 mpg on average. Basic model pricing falls just below $26,000–which isn’t much to pay for a stylish, fuel efficient, and eco-friendly Euro-car.

5) Ford C-MAX Energi

In the world of plug-in hybrids, the C-MAX Energi takes the crown for affordabilty. This super-compact vehicle is fun to operate and capable of 100 mpge for the first 21 miles. Afterwards, the C-MAX Energi will achieve a respectable 43 mpg.

6) Toyota Prius Plug-in

Getting a fuel economy of 95 mpge for the first 11 miles, the conservative Prius Plug-in then transfers over to both electric and gas power for a hard-to-beat 50 mpg.

7) Chevrolet Volt

Even though the Volt isn’t a true electric car, it still does an awesome job of saving fuel and preserving the environment. This masculine and aggressive-looking ride gets 98 mpge for the first 38 miles, and then it switches over to a standard gas engine for 37 mpg.

8) Ford Focus Electric

The Focus Electric retains all of the features that people love about the standard version and adds a few minor features. An electric engine replaces the traditional gas version, and this upgrade allows this good-looking hatchback a fuel economy of 105 mpge and a range of 76 miles.

9) Tesla Model S

The Model S is possibly the slickest electric ride currently in production. While it is also one of the most expensive, you get a car with mind-blowing acceleration, a very roomy cabin, unique looks, fuel economy of 80 mpge, and an excellent range of 265 miles.

10) Nissan LEAF

The LEAF is one of the overall best electric vehicles on the market today. Compact, agile, and very maneuverable, it is a great choice for everyday city driving. The LEAF achieves an outstanding fuel economy of 116 mpge, a range of 75 miles, and a price tag that is more reasonable than most in its class.

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