Saving the Environment One Solar Panel At A Time

The well-being of the environment is everybody’s concern. Because of the limited resources that people are continuing to plunder from the Earth, Man is slowly making their home uninhabitable for the generations to come. It may no longer be a stretch to say that taking care of this planet is Humanity’s obligation – and its continued healthy existence is tantamount to our survival.

Photovoltaic - Solar Power

Endeavors in adapting solar energy in the Philippines, alongside other green initiatives is going steadily well from its initial introduction to the current state of adoption by people in both the corporate sector and the residential sector. While this isn’t groundbreaking news, it can, however be considered as good news because the more people that adapt solar energy equals to more people doing their part to save the planet.

Interesting to note, however, is that solar energy (or other green initiatives for that matter) may seem more expensive than traditional energy but that is purely a misconception that may change given time. Research and actual customer testimonials from satisfied solar energy users have all stated that while there are additional costs to incur when transitioning from traditional energy to relying more on green energy, the costs may be written off as “necessary expenses” because the savings incurred because of the green energy will more than make up for the installation and materials expenses.

Solar energy has a lot of positive qualities that should be taken advantage of in order to not only save the environment but to also realize their actual value.

Some benefits that may be derived from solar energy include the following:

  1. Big Savings – From installation to utilization, reports have shown that consumers are likely to save up to $100 per month upon shifting to solar energy.
  2. Installation Plans – Majority of solar energy companies provide a dedicated payment plan to their customers. Essentially speaking, solar energy companies encourage people to save money the moment they start using solar energy! Theoretically speaking, people may actually pay back their installation and other costs in about 5 to 6 years with their solar energy savings.
  3. Home Value – Home value will appreciate because of solar panels installed in their homes because solar energy actually increases the home’s attractiveness in the market!
  4. Security – Solar energy is a great investment with guaranteed returns. Not only do you save money, you may actually utilize saved money for other endeavors or necessary expenses at home.
  5. Performance – Because the sun is essentially a perpetual energy reactor, the solar panel’s performance is guaranteed 100%
  6. Environment Friendly – This is what the solar panels are mainly for, after all. Saving the environment is an important aspect that makes solar energy attractive to people.

With solar energy, not only does one save money, one can also earn money through the savings brought by the usage of solar energy while protecting the environment all at once. Sounds good to be true, yes? Solar energy does have one tiny problem: It only works in the daytime and may not work up to par when it is cloudy – but again, that’s a small price to pay in exchange for all of the wonderful benefits that solar energy brings to every home or business that takes advantage of them.


Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for SOLENERGY: Solar Energy Philippines.

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