Saving energy in the kitchen

Saving energy around the house is something that all modern homeowners are keen to do, if not to protect the environment then to save cash, especially in these times of economic doom and gloom.

Dyson Vocuum Cleaner
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Thankfully, over the past five or so years, technological advances have meant that saving energy and saving money hasn’t had to compromise the convenience and style of most household appliances used on a daily or weekly basis. It is perhaps the kitchen that has benefited most from such advances. It’s an old adage that kitchen appliances, despite being on the whole well-built products, suck up energy faster than your Dyson vacuum cleaner sucks up dust, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Take the microwave as a good example of just this phenomenon. The microwave has emerged over the past 30 years or so to become a mainstay in practically every modern kitchen. Say what you like about the use of such appliances, the fact remains that sometimes you just need a jacket potato in a hurry! New models are both stylish and are designed to work at a higher power level, cooking food far faster than ever before and saving energy in the process – goodbye to gas cookers.

With fridge freezers now pretty much forced to stick to Energy Star efficiency ratings in order to look competitive in a highly crowded market, and with dishwashers able to sense how packed each load is before reacting in proportion to its findings, it’s clear that, with the modern products, we save money without even knowing it.

With more and more products now also evolving to have the ability to make use of renewable power sources as well, it would seem that the future of kitchen appliances is one that won’t only make us content in terms of saving time and money, but will also be one that keeps environmental enthusiasts happy as well.

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