Safety First With The Honda Accord

If you’re looking for a car that gives an overwhelming array of safety features, then look no further than the ninth generation Honda Accord. It was previewed at the Detroit Motor Show in January, and comes packed with safety features as standard.

2012 honda accord coupe 7 447x278 - Safety First With The Honda Accord

In a first for Honda, the car has ‘lane watch’- a blind spot monitoring system. This is where a camera mounted facing to the rear transmits images of what’s happening in the blind spot to the dashboard for display on the intelligent Multi Information Display (i-MID) so that you can move safely from one lane to another.

Another camera at the front of the car monitors oncoming obstacles and feeds the information to the car’s computer. If a forward collision is predicted, automatic warnings are set off and the driver is alerted to take corrective action to avoid any possible danger.

The i-MID is a five inch screen that displays not only images from the rear view camera, but also updates the driver on what music is playing, contains the navigation system and information on how eco-friendly the driving is.

The new Accord is the ninth generation of one of Honda’s most popular cars. It comes with a pleasing amount of gadgets including steering wheel controls to check the distance to destination, mileage and temperature on the i-MID and voice activation to control the audio system, sat nav and cabin climate. Bluetooth means that conversations can be made safely using hands free connection.

There will be different versions of the Accord 2013, including two petrol only models, and the more environmentally-acceptable hybrid and Honda’s first ever plug-in hybrid. The next stage in development for all hybrid cars means greater reliance on the electric motor and a reduced role for the engine, and the plug-in Accord will be able to travel ten to fifteen miles in all-electric mode.

First Accord 2013 deliveries are scheduled for the second half of 2012, with the plug-in hybrid being available in the US only.

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