Recommended Tips on Renewing Driving Licence

Most British motorists are caught unaware of the requirement that they have to renew their driver’s licence. The confusion stemmed from a new legal requirement that they have to renew their licences every ten years. It used to be that the old green paper licence was valid until the age of 70. But in 1998, it was replaced by ID photocards that involves renewing the licence every ten years with a fee of £20.

Drivng licence
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Advice for renewing driving licence can be gained through this website as it provides detailed information on the new rules, steps how to renew, and help for people over 70s who wish to renew their licence.

Directgov change of name and address on your driving licence can walk you through to steps on how to apply online to change your address, change your name and address by post, keeping your details correct, if you have lost or stolen licence, when to expect it, what to do if you need to drive before your licence is returned, and other useful information.

The Department of Transport Driver and Vehicle Licensing or DVLA, an Executive Agency of the Department of Transport, can help answer your questions even if you are anywhere in the world. You can visit their website to look for driver information, vehicle information and medical information.

In April 2010, they had created a one-stop facility in cooperation with the Post Office to help make it easier and comfortable for drivers to comply. This one-stop facility is available in 750 Post Offices around the country. Through these facilities, drivers’ applications can be scanned; their picture taken and their signature electronically captured, and the information will be sent immediately to DVLA.

The new photocard will then be sent to their home address. Having an access to DVLA’s website will not only aid in renewing your licence, but also help you avoid the fine of £1000.


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