New Hybrid Car Competes with Luxury Cars

One misconception regarding hybrid vehicles is that, they cannot match the performance of cars with combustion engines. However, manufacturers are proving this false as they produced hybrid vehicles that focus primarily on combining the high performance associated with luxury cars and powerful trucks with better efficiency.

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Photo: PerezCarlos

Hybrid vehicles combine the internal combustion engine with electric, battery-powered motor. This twin-power source gives them more advantages over cars that use a single power source like traditional trucks and cars propelled by an internal combustion engine, which relies on gasoline to generate power. Since hybrid vehicles travel farther on a gallon of gasoline compared to traditional cars, it is more fuel-efficient.

Another advantage of hybrid vehicle is fewer pollutants as opposed to carbon-based pollutants produced by internal combustion engines, which is the leading cause of global climate change and urban smog. Moreover, the electric motor in the hybrid vehicle is silent when engaged, which gives owners a quieter and smooth driving experience. To encourage buyers of hybrid vehicles, the US government offers tax incentives depending on the year and make of the vehicle.

The new hybrid car from Toyota, such as the Toyota Prius and Toyota Camry, are the leading hybrid vehicles in the market today. The new models for 2012 has more power and more mpg, and with interiors and exteriors that are at par with their competitors.

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