Moving house in a green fashion

If you’re moving house – and particularly if you’re moving house over a long distance or even abroad – you have to ask yourself of you really need or want to take all those furnishings with you.

moving house

If the answer is ‘yes’, then fair enough. But if you think there are at least some furnishings you could do without then the move may be the ideal time to help those people less fortunate than yourself and to go green at the same time.

The truth is that if you can live without a huge removal lorry and everything it needs to take – then it’s better for the environment and you may be able to help people local to where you currently live to live a better life.

There are lots of charity shops that love second-hand good quality furniture. This allows them to raise a decent amount of money for a great cause – and it enables someone else who is a bit harder up that you are, to get some reasonable quality furniture for a cheap price. It also means the stuff doesn’t need to be transported over long distances so it’s something of a “win, win, win” perhaps?

So ditch your old sofa bed and treat yourself to a new one in the local sofa bed sale wherever you’re moving to.

And use the opportunity to treat yourself to those new recliners you’ve had your eye on – or that new bed / wardrobe / chest of drawers etc.

In other words, it’s the really big stuff that makes the difference both for the environment via the lack of transportation need, and for the people who are a little needier who generally find these larger things less affordable.

It will make you feel better with your conscience all round and you’ll be able to use this opportunity to start over.

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