Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said that the average household spends about $2,100, that’s about 100,000 pesos if converted to our monetary unit. We all use heating and cooling devices in order to illuminate our homes. Try to preserve energy consumption in your homes by trying to follow a few steps that will create a huge impact on your bills. You will still get to use all your appliances and devices, but at a lessened usage.


How to become energy efficient 

Do these smart changes that will guarantee to give an effect on your monthly bill. Even though you might not get completely used to it right away, you will notice the grand changes in the end and you’ll eventually become accustomed to it.

  • Walls and attic are insulated. Ensuring the insulation of your home will enable the house become more cost-effective due to the fact that less energy shall be required. Choose the right quality in installing them beforehand.
  • Wash dishes well. Throw all leftover food on the chinaware before washing dishes, allowing you to easily wash off the plates.
  • Remember to change air filters. Dirty filters give a hard time for the air vents to give out air, so clean the filters 2-3 months.
  • Low-flow showerheads and toilets. The water usage of toilets can definitely be costly as well as showers. Get low-flow ones that can help you save more energy per usage.
  • Equip solar panels. As a renewable energy source, it can contribute to the electricity bill by saving more money from the use of fossil fuels.
  • Quality windows. The energy efficient windows are the ones where they can withstand natural disasters from occurring. Ones with large-sized can also allow the natural light to go inside the house during sunny or normal days.
  • More verdant surroundings. Plant more plants and trees around your house to save energy and you also get to contribute to the environment as well.
  • Better hot water system. There are quality hot water systems available to be bought in hardware stores all around which can allow the hot water to circulate well and doesn’t consume too much electricity.
  • Use CFLs. Compact fluorescent lamps are highly recommended in any area due to its electricity is used by incandescents, causing only 27 watts but can last for 10,000 hours of use and it’s even cheap as well.
  • Old refrigerator to a new one. Old unused refrigerators that were used again will cost more than usual. Try to get rid of these old ones by using new refs to save more energy.
  • Get a new energy audit. Take note of all your energy consumption to have a track of all your expenses so in this way, you know which ones cost the most, allowing you to adjust to its usage.

These are the suggested strategic ways on how to improve the livelihood of the household by saving energy efficiency. Focus on maintaining the water, electricity, doors, windows, walls, and attic. Strive to go about these changes for your home.

It is surely vital to do our part in saving energy by trying to minimize the use of our cooling and heating appliances. People opt to construct homes or establishments which take part in lessening the use of energy, even top Philippine architects do their parts as well. Do your part by following these tips on how to make your home more energy efficient.


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