Lowering your home’s CO2 emissions

With Christmas coming up, there’s an easy gift that you can give to the planet – reduce your CO2 emissions.

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Just acting on any of the suggestions below will help lower significantly the CO2 emissions that your home produces.

Turn the heating down. Even reducing the temperature by half a degree will significantly reduce emissions.  You can do the same with your hot water heater too. Adding an insulation jacket to your hot water heater will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 454 kg a year.

Wash on cold. Washing clothes at low temperatures will save up to 228 kg of CO2 per annum. The modern detergents we buy are designed for use at lower temperatures. Heat is only necessary to shift really ingrained dirt or grease.

Line dry. One of the worse culprits for carbon dioxide emissions in the home is the tumble dryer. Switch to line drying in the summer and use an airer during the winter. The ambient heat from the radiators will dry your clothes. Not using the tumble dryer can save 636kg of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

Don’t leave things on standby. By turning off and unplugging electrical items you will save on the electricity consumed by your home, and reduce emissions.

Make considered purchases. Instead of going down to the sofas sale to find a new sofa, consider keeping the one you have to save the environmental cost of changing old for new. Alternatively, if you really need a new one, make a trip to a sofa bed sale and get a sofa bed instead. That way you have a sofa and a spare bed rolled up in only one piece of furniture, so you’ll save money and help the environment at the same time.

You can also plant trees in the garden to help absorb carbon dioxide. Choosing a native tree to the area you live in will save 2,268 kg of CO2 a year. Obviously, the more you can plant the more CO2 will be absorbed. Offer to do the same in gardens belonging to friends and relatives, you could give trees as environmentally friendly Christmas presents.


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