Little Known Facts about Solar Panels

Nowadays, the people’s attention is shifting to alternative sources when it comes to electricity generation and among the green energy sources, solar energy has been proven the most beneficial. It saves money, reduces pollution, and can be used to power small items to homes and business.

Solar panels

To fully understand how the solar panels work, you need to learn some facts about it. For one, the number country that utilizes solar power is not the United States but Germany despite its location and small population. The photovoltaic panels used today are take offs from the invention of Albert Einstein that was given a silicon base in the 1950s.  Silicon comes from sands, which the world has an unlimited supply of and its production does not cause air pollutants as coal does.

Some people may argue that the cost of production of photovoltaic panels is high. On the contrary, with better and improved technology, you will save a lot from harnessing solar energy than what it used to be in the long term. Photovoltaic panels, which last for 25 years, are easy to install, require minimum maintenance, and can be harness from an unlimited source. In addition, the growing demand for solar panels is increasing by 25% each year while the demand for utility remains flat.

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