Latest Electric Cars of 2013- Truly Modern and Classic

The car industry has greatly been revolutionized. New and great brands of cars are on the market today. The latest Electric cars of 2013 are just overwhelming. Cars like Chevy Volt, Chevy Spark EV, Nissan leaf, Mitsubishi I among others will leave you with a smile. I will explore the details of some of them in this text.

Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt 

It is one of the best products of electric cars 2013. It can take you for about 380 mile before a recharge. Here are some of its explicit features.

-it is fitted with a lithium battery. It is capable of independently sustaining about 38 miles drive. The gas-powered generator supplies power that can sustain a distance of about 350 miles. So as long as the Gas take is full and the charge is also maximum, you can be rest assured of a total of 378 miles.

-The battery can assure you 98 MPGe while the gas is capable of 37 MPG totaling to 60 MPGe

-the car has high-tech and modern accessories that will buy your curiosity to have a personal touch.

Ford focus electric car

It is the most sophisticated car in the electric car industry. It is entirely powered by a lithium battery with a rating of about 110 city MPGe. It is now available on the market. Here are some of its most attractive features.

-It depends exclusively on the Lithium ion battery for power. The battery has a 23kwh-cooled liquid which is capable of releasing steady and heavy power supply. The liquid controls the temperature of the battery. The model allows it it minimize energy loss and less carbon emission to the environment. Take 76 miles drive without gas per every full charge. You can hit a maximum speed of 84 mph.

– it is fitted with a brake coach that regenerate and focus the electricity.

-The interior is Eco-conscious. The material used to make the cushions is simple plant seeds, fully recycled materials are used to make its seat Fabrics and many other Eco-friendly substances.


IT has two models, Telsa model S luxury sedan and Telsa model x. The most recent is models which can cruise a whole 300 miles before the next charge. Some of the features of Telsa models are as outlined below.

-Powertrain has a rotor. This enables it to have an instantaneous acceleration. Within 5.4 seconds, you will be hitting a speed of 60 miles per hour.

– The modern suspension system gives you maximum comfort and wheel control. The whole suspension system is made to link with the powertrain.

-it has a power steering that automatically responds and adjust accordingly with the prevailing conditions. This drives a feeling of connection with the road resulting into a smooth comfortable drive.

-it has three batteries within one enclosure. The batteries have automotive-grade lithium-ion cells. They work in a coordinated way with the car systems. They have a long life span that shall allow you optimum benefit from the car.

Nissan LEAF

This is a fully electric car whose lithium-ion battery can be charged at home or on the move. It is completely Eco-friendly as it doesn’t use any gas. It has zero carbon emissions.

Other latest electric cars include Honda plug-in Hybrid Mercedes smart, Mitsubishi I, Fiat 500e, and Toyota Purius plug-in among others. IT is always safe to have your driving license at all times. You can renew driving licence online provided you have all the needed documents depending with where you are doing it. In UK for instance, you should have a UK passport and you should apply using the government getaway id.


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