Items with Wheels Make Life Easier

Having the ability to roll heavy items rather than carrying them is helpful. It is less strain on your back and allows a free hand to hold with your children. When items are on wheels, you can also move quicker and not have to stop to rest. Using roll products is a convenience, but a convenience that is well worth it.

Airport Cart


Luggage gets heavy quickly. In many cases, it is heavier when you return than when you left due to purchasing trinkets for family, friends and yourself. When you have multiple bags, the weight on your back can easily become too much. Using luggage that has wheels or a custom rolling luggage cart makes getting through the airport just a little easier.


Rolling carts are ideal for everyday use as well as use at work. Independent contractors with heavy tool boxes or portable equipment can easily take everything needed for the day’s work in one trip, rather than several. These carts are also useful in restaurants as carrying heavy items for prepping takes a toll on a cook’s back.

Even at home, rolling carts are handy to have around. You can take all of the groceries inside in just one trip.
Other household uses for rolling carts:

  • Moving laundry
  • Taking out the garbage
  • Moving televisions
  • Moving landscaping supplies

It is also ideal to have an extra set of casters around in case one or more breaks.

Making your Own Rolling Items

You can purchase individual casters and create your own rolling items at home. Some furniture is easier to move when it can be rolled instead of pushed. Detachable casters are handy for large couches, desks and other large pieces of furniture. A simple rolling cart can be made from a platform, a broom handle and milk crates. The casters would be attached to the bottom and each milk crate would be affixed to the platform. One of the benefits of this type of rolling cart is that you can stack more than one milk crate on top of the other when needed.

Having rolling items does not make you lazy. It is a way to preserve your spine and prevent injuries due to lifting. In commercial settings, it is safer to transport some items from one area to another when it is rolled rather than carried.

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