Intelligent Lighting at Home

I have to confess to being quite an impatient person; I am also one of those really annoying people who can’t sit down when there is a job to do around the house. An awful lot of energy is expended by flitting from room to room fulfilling little tasks, and one of my biggest pet hates is those awful old fashioned energy saving light bulbs which come on really dim and then get brighter as they warm up. By the time they get bright enough to see I am long gone, leaving behind a trail of moans and probably a stubbed toe or two as I refuse to wait!

energy efficient light - Intelligent Lighting at Home
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Thankfully, the latest energy efficient lights on the market are far superior and will react more quickly once turned on, bringing about the end of one of life’s bug-bears. The quicker I replace all the bulbs in my house the better! The options these days are huge, with a low energy option available for practically every fitting and use. In areas with multiple lights such as bright luxury kitchens for example, there is even a choice of solution including LEDs which are particularly popular for under-cabinet use in kitchens.

In an average home your lighting can account for up to 15% of your energy bill which is a significant proportion. Savings can be made by switching to energy saving light bulbs in your assembled kitchens and every other room, with the additional benefit of doing the right thing for the environment. In many cases, the cost of the bulbs themselves is outweighed within a year by the savings made, and the bulbs then go on to last longer than their predecessors so overall you just can’t lose.

Take some steps to improve the energy efficiency of your home by switching your light bulbs today. A cleaner, greener home is just a few moments away.

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