How to Save Energy in Pool Maintenance

People all love to have pools in their yards, as it affords them the convenience of taking dips especially when the weather gets too hot. It can eliminate the cost of traveling to resorts or beaches, and it can be used for pool parties. However, pools are not only energy wasters, but they also contribute to global warming and to your energy costs.

Pool Maintenance
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Fortunately, there are ways to help you cut down on pool energy while still having all the fun and refreshing benefits of having a pool. You can swap your single-speed pump with a variable speed option as this allows running low to circulate water, or be adjusted to accommodate the extras. Variable-speed pumps are more durable and even quieter than the older units are. For dramatic savings, you can reduce the time your pump operates to six hours a day.

You can also use LED lighting, which can save you up to 75% in energy. You can also your local utility provider if they offer reduced rates during off-peak demand hours. You should maintain the balance of the chemicals of your pool to avoid having the filter run non-stop without bringing the water to sparkle. If you are using heating, opt for efficient heating options by using energy efficient heater or by using solar pool heater, which is the best choice so far, rather than using a gas heater.

When it comes to pool maintenance, having a pool cover can help reduce pool energy usage, since this can help heating costs go down by as much as 70 %.

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