How to Reduce Your Electricity Bills

One way to reduce your electricity bills to look into your electrical services provider and see if they are giving you the best deal.  With today’s ever increasing cost of electricity you should be looking at ways you can help reduce your electricity bills.  If you have any faulty wiring or appliances they could also be costing you more to run, so have them checked by an electrician.

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Solar power
You can reduce your electricity bills by installing solar panels on your roof.  The solar panels will cost a significant amount initially but the savings you make over time will be well worth the expense.  You can use solar power to run your home, heat your hot water and if you have a swimming pool you can use solar power to heat the water.

Energy efficient light globes
Use energy efficient light globes in all your lights.  They will cost less to run and they will also last longer, equating to savings in buying less light globes.

Turn off the lights and your appliances
You can save a huge amount of money on your electricity bills by just being conscious of how much you are using.  If you are not using a room then don’t have the lights on in there.  You can also save a significant amount of power by turning off your appliances at the wall after you have finished using them.  Even appliances on stand by are using power and costing you money.  Turn the television off the wall when you have finished watching for the day and get into the habit of switching off the usual things you leave on, like the microwave, the kettle and the computer.

Buy better appliances
If you are due to update your appliances, such as your dishwasher, washing machine or dryer, then make sure you choose appliances that have a high energy saving rating.  New machines will have a sticker on them with a star rating system.  The more stars on the sticker the higher the energy saving rating and the less electricity it should use.

Keep your home warm
Reduce your electricity bills by keeping your home warmer without the need for switching on your heater.  Check that your home is fully insulated and that there are no cracks where cold air can come in.  Having curtains or blinds on your windows will make a difference to the temperature inside your house as when they are shut they will help trap the warm air.  You can have your windows double glazed to help control the temperature and having carpet or rugs on the floor will make your home feel warmer.  On a sunny winters day open up your curtains so the sun can come in through the window and warm your house naturally.

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Keep cooler in summer
You can do the same sorts of things to keep your home cooler in summer.  Shut the curtains or blinds earlier in the day to block out the hot sun, and having a veranda around your home will help keep it cooler inside as he sun can’t come in through the windows and a veranda will also keep the bricks or weather boards out of the sun and stop them from heating up.  Have fly screens on your windows and security doors so you can open your doors and windows up to let the breeze through.

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