How to Go Green In Your Bathroom

Although green is one of my favourite colours, we won’t talk about painting you walls green, nor putting green tiles. I must admit that this is excellent colour for your bathroom, but there are also some things you can do, in order to make it more eco-friendly and to save money on the same run. These are not cardinal changes but rather simple suggestions which won’t alter your daily routine as much, but will benefit the nature greatly. Ready? Read on!

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Water usage

We know how much our society is dependable on oil, but did you know that in fifteen years, clean water will be more precious than oil is today? If this fact simply terrifies you, think what you can do, in order to reduce water consumption? Well, the first step was to install aerator on your faucet. This will reduce water in a way that it will add up air to its flow, and also will prevent water to dissipate around the sink. Clever, for a few dollars. Next, change the shower. Ask the salesman in the hardware store which will save water, and there are some models which can cut it by incredible 50%, and in addition, you can afford to take a long bath once a week, in order to relax, but in general, make showering shorter. Toilet is often overlooked, so invest small amount of money, and yourself dual-flush handle. This allows you to use only half of the water stored in the tank. Simple calculation, right?


The biggest consumer of electric energy for your bathroom is water heater. In order to reduce bills, and to save power in general, I recommend regular maintenance, as well as relocating heater to the basement. Although this can be somewhat expensive, you can conduct hot water to the kitchen, as well as to the bathroom. Don’t let scale to be formed, for that prevents heater to work properly, and it simply wastes energy, for longer time is required to heat up the water. Also, as for the facilities, see to do laundry only when you have enough to fill the washing machine, rather than washing only several items. Light bulbs which save energy are great too, for those don’t waste energy on heating, as regular ones do. In the first few months you will notice the difference. Simply compare bills to see how much have you saved. And don’t think that it is not a big deal. Imagine that just your street saves energy. And then city, and eventually the whole state. Now you got bigger image. Don’t lose it.

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Solutions and detergents

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, people often forget what are they buying, and what processes making of those products includes. Shampoos, soaps, and other chemistry products used in bathroom are often made from heavy ingredients which sooner of later come into contact with soil, water and air. Although forbidden, many of which are animal-tested, so if you wish to reduce this as well, switch to biodegradable products. Those won’t damage ecosystem, due to the fact that they are made from green, 100% natural ingredients. When it comes to cleaning, metal and glass surfaces can be cleaned quite well using white vinegar, which can be found in every household. Also, bath tubs will simply shine after baking soda treatment. One thing you could also include, is usage of toilet paper made from recycled material. Long had passed time when this paper was like sand-paper (ouch!), for today this can go toe-to-toe with the most expensive brands.


When a pipe bursts in your bathroom, much water is wasted, especially if the damage is of bigger scale. To prevent this, look after your pipes regularly, for it saves both money and water. If you are less keen on servicing on your own, you can hire professional help, for plumber is available anywhere from Sydney to London. Even the smallest towns have at least one or two plumbers. Also, you can ask him what you could do,in order to save energy, water and money.

Green Bathroom

So, when everything said is taken into account, it is not much of a fuss to look up a bit, and to save the future for those who are coming after us. This is our legacy, let’s make sure that it will be the best possible.

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  1. Amazing! hope more people read this and go green in their homes! I know I will now.

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